We are gladly to announce our first Gunpla Contest. Seth Tuna Corner as our honorable Judge we hope to bring everyone in our community a fair and competitive contest.

Registration linkhttps://forms.gle/g7Ug7mjircYd2ok16

Grand Prizes:

  1. Open category:
    • 1st place: PG Banshee + 750 AZ points.
    • 2nd place: MGEX Strike Freedom + 750 AZ points.
    • 3rd place (for 2 contestants): MG Sengoku Astray Gundam + 750 AZ points for each.
  2. Beginner category:
    • For 2 contestants: RG 00 Raiser + 5x Mr. Hobby colors of your choice + 1x Tamiya Spray Can Clear Finish of your choice + 1x RG 00 Raiser water slide decal sheet + 500 AZ points for each contestant.
  • FREE SIGN UP from 3/31 to 4/15. Then Entree fee will be $5 for each person (please contact our staffs for more information).
  • We will split into TWO CATEGORIES: The Beginner Category and Open Category. Rule is very simple: ONLY GUNPLA kits manufactured by BANDAI company are allowed to compete in our event. (Third party decals and stickers are allowed).
  • The Beginner Category only allowed to build Gunpla kit from out of the box. No kitbashing, scribing; or adding plaplates is allowed. You can use Bandai option part that BELONGS to the original kit (EX: RG HINU with RG Hyper Bazooka). Diorama is not allowed in this category, only submit the Gunpla by itself.
  • For the Open Category we want to create a very competitive area where everyone can max their creation potential. Therefore, in this category contestant can customize their Gunpla, use LEDs, scribing, or even kitbashing. But be aware no Resin Kits or 3D print are allowed, this is a contest where everyone shows off their craftmanship. Option parts from third-party brands are not allowed. Diorama is welcome but will not count as grade, we only grading the Gunpla Kits.


Once again, we wish to see everyone there. You can sign up for this event online or in-store. Let's build your Gunpla and be the best in our community.